Watch the short video in each section to learn everything you need to know.

NOTE: There is nothing to remember or memorize.

The videos will guide you each step of the way... so relax!

Quick Start Video

If you would like to see if you can get a result without reading the instructions, start here. If you do not get results with the Quick Start Video, return to this page, and watch all of the instruction videos below.

It may take a few seconds for the video player to load.

Quick Start Video (15 minutes)

Instruction Videos

1. Your Foundation For Change (4 minutes)

2. The Tapping Method: Four Steps To Emotional Freedom (40 minutes)

3. Tips For Success (10 minutes)

4. Review & Getting Started (6 minutes)

Handout: Tapping Points

While the videos on this website will have everything that you need to know about the program, some people like to have printed material in front of them. The handout includes:

  • the steps of the program
  • where and how to tap
  • helpful tips

Click here to download the document "Tapping Points."

You'll need the free Adobe Reader to open the document (Click Here to download the Adobe Reader).

What To Do Next

After you have finished watching the Instruction Videos or the Quick Start Video, go to the Main Program.